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  • I love this school but the only thing bad about this school is that they have a optional program.A optional program is for kids with a high score on the TCAP test.The problem is the kids in it think there better than the kids in the regular program.Otherwise this is a very good school.Go Eagles!
    By Flash Smith, March 27, 2018
  • Will didn't the best job ever. I felt at home and comfortable around him and the other staff. Very professional, he explain everything he could answer for me. And more. My baby love them as well. Lol Thank Arthur Ray Law Office Staff, most of all YOU WILL. You're the best.
    By Monica Jones, March 23, 2018
  • We booked our wedding the day before and it was perfect. The carriage was spotless. Our driver was great. Setting of wedding in park overlooking both bridges was beautiful. Booked minister and photographer as part of package. We thought this was a cool and romantic way to get married. Recommend it.
    By Jane Maners, March 14, 2018
  • ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆
    While I would never be a customer of Loyal Featherstone, I do live next door to a residential development of his. Initially I submitted a letter to our city council opposing his project for many reasons, one of which were property damage concerns. One specific concern mentioned was our in ground sprinkler system. I summed the letter up requesting Loyal Featherstone be held responsible for any damage to our property resulting from his project. After all, were it not for his project no activity would occur. I am told he agreed. Now, a year later, MLGW has just torn up our front lawn to run a gas line to his development and dug through our in ground sprinkler system in the process. So a claim for the $85.00 in ground plumbing repair was filed with MLGW. MLGW denied it. As did Loyal Featherstone, claiming MLGW did not work for him. AS IF they would have been there, but for him and his residential development project. His reply: MLGW is not a sub-contractor of Loyal Featherstone's. Therefore, we are unable to take responsibility for any damage, current or future claims regarding this claim for damages. Now $85.00 isn't going to break me, and I doubt it's going to break Loyal Featherstone. But when you can make a neighbor whole for a two digit number, and don't... that speaks volumes.
    By dpviper, March 05, 2018

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